New Fishing Pole Helps Paralysis Patients Fish

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MOBERLY - New technology is giving people, paralyzed from the chin down, the opportunity to fish. It's called the fishing doc. The fishing doc allows anglers to cast and reel without the use of their hands. The object is powered by a joystick and 12 volt battery. 

The doc in "fishing doc" stands for it's creator, Doc Blackmore. In 2004, the avid hunter and fisherman broke his neck while biking in the rocky mountains. He laid in the mountains, unable to move and dying.

Doc's wife, Cindy, said he got a second chance at life because he knew he had something left to do.

"I remember him saying once it's not worth being alive if you're not living and this was something that he associated with living, " said Cindy.

Doc Blackmore passed away in 2009, but the fishing doc lives on through the hands of some new anglers.

You can get the "fishing doc" by contacting or Kinder Machine in Moberly, MO (660)-263-3112.

To find out more information on Cindy Blackmore's Book "Remember to Laugh" go to