New "Green" Game Launches for Smart Phones

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COLUMBIA - A new game for smart-phones launched in Columbia Sunday.  It's called REBOOT. 

"Like a traditional scavenger hunt, REBOOT players will have to complete multiple missions and visit assigned location," said Hannah Sims, the program manager for REBOOT. 

Unlike a traditional scavenger hunt you played in elementary school, you need a smart-phone or tablet to play.  To sign up for the game, download the SCVNGR app and sign up for REBOOT here.

"Weekly themes come from Ava, a young MU researcher in 2117 who's trying to figure out how the Earth survived the negative trends of our time," said Sims. 

The game will last ten weeks and end on April 22.  Players will compete for weekly prizes and a $1,000 prize at the end of the game. 

Max Smith is one of the leaders of the team "Greenola Bars."

"We wanted something that embodied the mission here. We're trying to be green and sustainable. And I like granola bars, so the name was born," said Smith when asked about the creative team name.

The first transmission from Ava was released today at the MU student center and Smith is already planning a strategy.

"A couple of us are really athletic so if we do anything outdoorsy, we're going to send them in the front lines," said Smith.

More than 115 people on 28 different teams have signed up for the game.  There isn't any timeline to sign up, but Sims says the earlier the team starts the more likely it is they'll win the $1,000 grand prize.