New Grindstone Parkway Stoplight

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COLUMBIA- The city is installing one more stoplight along Grindstone Parkway near the Walmart Supercenter.  Officials say the new light at this intersection will improve the flow of traffic for people who are traveling to and from the shops near Walmart.  Besides the East Green Meadows Road intersection, drivers will soon be able to make a left turn back on to Grindstone Parkway.

Property owners who live near that part of Grindstone are funding the stoplight with their tax dollars.  Chris Landwehr with Emery Sapp & Sons contracting said the the construction was originally supposed to take place during the holidays last December.  But, with the increased amount of commuters during that time, the city delayed the project to this month.

"Well, being that I live to the left of Walmart coming out is miserable because you have to go up to the stoplight (at East Green Meadows Road), which is always congested, said Beth Hendren, Columbia resident.  "It also takes a while, and a lot of people sometimes don't follow the traffic laws and cut you off."

Officials say the construction should be complete in mid-April.