New Health Center

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JEFFERSON CITY – The Community Health Center of Central Missouri (CHCCMO) purchased a new facility in Jefferson City. The health care provider said the new facility will give mid-Missouri families better access to health care.

CHCCMO said the current facility has become too small. The new facility is 27,000 square feet, which is about 10,000 square feet larger than the current building.

Jeff Davis, CEO of CHCCMO, said the goal with expanding is to meet a growing need for care.

“There is just an immense need," Davis said. "We have seen a lot of need for the services we provide. We just can’t deliver all the care that we need to out of this current facility.”

Davis said with more space, CHCCMO can focus more on women’s health, pediatrics and dental care.

“The more we can get people into our program and those programs, we can really have a long-term impact in the communities that we serve,” Davis said. “We can help to deliver a healthy baby, get them in through our pediatrics program and then whenever they turn 18 they are a healthy adult ready to hit the workforce.”

The new facility is located on 1511 Christy Drive. Davis said with the new facility, everything will be centrally located. He said CHCCMO sees around 12,000 patients a year, and having everything easily accessible will make things more conveinent for patients.

CHCCMO sold its current building on Truman Boulevard to the Cole County Health Department. However, it will continue to use the old facility until sometime around the summer of 2018.