New Highway

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Transportation opened the intersection at Route 179 and Edgewood Drive on Monday--almost two weeks ahead of schedule.

The section of Route 179 had been closed since Aug. 29 as part of a new diamond interchange. The project includes roadways that will lead to what will become Mission Drive. This is where the new St. Mary's Health Center will be built. 

"MoDOT and city and county officials and St. Mary's have been working for a long time to do this interchange so that with the new hospital we can have a roadway system to get there," said Heather Feeler, communications coordinator for St. Mary's Hospital.  Feeler said the new roadway will ease the flow of traffic when the hospital opens as well as allow officials to start planning a ground-breaking for construction of the new facility.

Terry Imhoff, project manager for MoDOT, said having a portion of Route 179 closed has pushed more traffic into the city and that this opening should relieve the congestion and will allow construction to begin at the site of the new hospital.  Feeler said St. Mary's hopes to break ground in July.