New Interactive Map Displays Hazardous Waste Sites

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Natural Resources created an interactive map for people to view hazardous waste sites throughout the state of Missouri.

The online map categorizes different sites based on the intensity of how hazardous the location is. The map shows which sites are currently active to which sites are no longer hazardous.

There are several active and completed sites in Columbia. KOMU 8 News visited a few of the active sites Wednesday and talked to nearby residents.

Ma Ma Bessie's Cleaners is one hazardous site that has been shut down for years. All of the nearby residents we talked to did not know it was a hazardous waste site.

Jeff Jasin has lived across the street from the cleaners for more than a year. He said he is concerned about the possible toxic effects the waste may have on his neighborhood. Jasin also said another worry is the declining property value of his home.

Prior to the new map, hazardous waste site information for the state could only be found in paper documents.

The Department of Natural Resources is using the map as part of an effort to make environmental information more readily available to the public.