New Law Makes Fourth of July More Explosive

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JEFFERSON CITY - A new law signed Monday allows for larger fireworks in commercial displays. The law matches federal laws concerning the use and size of commercial fireworks. Specifically, Missouri will now allow the firing of sixteen-inch shells at public fireworks displays. Commercial fireworks, as opposed to the consumer fireworks, may only be fired by those with a Federal Explosives License or a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In 2009, federal law changed to allow the firing and transportation of sixteen inch shells. Salute to America chair Jayne Dunkmann said the shells have been in Missouri for a while, but local displays have been waiting to use them.

"We couldn't move or use the shells until now," said Dunkmann. "The shells have been in Missouri since 2009, and now they're being shipped to Jefferson City for our July 4th event."

Dunkmann also said going back to the sixteen inch shells will make July 4th a lot more interesting this year in Jefferson City.

"Compared to the 10 inch shells we've been using, these sixteen inch shells are going to be a sonic boom!"

Salute to America will be held on July 3rd and 4th begining at 6 pm.