New law requires drivers to turn in temporary license tags

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COLUMBIA - A new state law on temporary license permits is just two weeks away from being enforced.

The law requires drivers to turn in temporary license tags to a state license office when they get their permanent plates, and pay sales tax on newly purchased vehicles. Under the new law, the Missouri Department of Revenue must immediately destroy the tags once drivers turn them in. 

Lawmakers passed the law in an effort to reduce the number of people driving vehicles with expired temporary license tags issued by dealerships.

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue's website, temporary tags are only valid for 30 days. Drivers have to pay a $25 fee if they do not title their vehicle within that timeframe. 

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Anne Marie Moy, a spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Revenue, said the new law doesn't require or allow the department to refuse to issue a plate if a temporary tag isn't turned in. 

This means drivers can get away with not turning in their temporary tags, but they would still have to pay the $25 fee when they do. That fee increases by $25 each additional 30-day period, with a maximum penalty of $200.

KOMU 8 reached out to the Missouri Department of Revenue for comment, but did not get a call back. KOMU also reached out to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Donna Baringer, D-St. Louis, but she responded back that she is on vacation. 

The law takes effect Aug. 28.