New life in old case

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MOBERLY – Moberly police are making a new push for answers in a mysterious Moberly disappearance dating back 24 years. This month marks the anniversary of the disappearance of Hazel Rose Hess.

On Saturday, June 30 the Moberly Police Department shared a Missouri Missing post about Hess. She went missing in July of 1994 and was last seen a few days earlier by family the night of June 30.

At the time she was 56, she would now be 80 years old.

Moberly Police Chief Troy Link said investigators found an odd scene at Hess' apartment.

“The responding units found this as an unusual scene, the things you would expect someone to take with them were not taken, things that shouldn't have been taken... It didn't look right,” Link said.

Officers found Hess' wallet and car keys at the scene, but noticed blood and her bed sheets were missing. Link said the blood was not enough to think there could have been a struggle, and it could have just been a common household accident.

In the months following the initial disappearance, Moberly Police conducted hundreds of interviews and followed multiple leads.

“That was all for not as she was never found, there was no trace of her anywhere and the leads that they had produced did not lead to the results to end with the conclusion of where she might be,” said Link.

Through the years the Moberly Police department has investigated Hess' disappearance with help from the Randolph County Sheriff's Office, Missouri Highway Patrol and even the FBI.

“This case has been actively involved and investigated on for 24 years, from day one until now," said Link.

As recently as Monday morning the Moberly Police received a tip to the case, Lane is unsure about the validity of it, though.

“All leads do not lead us somewhere, sometimes it's just bits and fragments of information," Link said.

Link says it is important to look for new information, but the old information is still important.

“What we can do now was not what we could do in 1994, as far as DNA and some of the other things in the forensic world, so it’s always good to have somebody go back and look at the old stuff," Link said.

Link says the case will continue to be investigated and if you have any information call the Moberly Police Department at (660) 263-0346.