New mascot choices revealed for Capital City High School

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Capital City High School Mascot/School Colors Committee presented its final three selections for the future mascot of the new high school Monday night.

The committee announced its top three choices narrowed down from 1,194 entires at the Jefferson City School District Board of Education meeting. They are the Cavaliers (Carolina Blue), Panthers (Royal Blue) and Ravens (Purple).

Eighth grader Taylor Hovis currently attends Thomas Jefferson middle school, she will be one of the first freshman at Capital City next fall. She and other students voiced their displeasure for the previously selected mascot, "Blue Jays" because it's too closely linked the new school with the existing one. 

"I think it's important for us kids to have an input on this," Hovis said. "So, I put a poll together and received over 70 votes for Raven."

Identity, Hovis argues, is everything. 

"We want something to separate us from the Jefferson City Jays. The Blue Jays would be too similar," Hovis said. "The majority of students I talked to didn't like that name so I guess I tried to give us all a voice here, something we could be proud of."

Future principal of Capital City High School, Ben Meldrum is proud that his students are making their opinions known. 

"This behavior is what you want in any school," Meldrum said. "It's wonderful to have these student leaders steer the ship, [Hovis] is a great example of a student leader taking control."

"These are the students we will need to step up as we continue to make this transition," he said.

The school board formally voted to reject the Blue Jay, which received 20 percent of the original votes and moved forward to accept the three new mascot/color combinations.

School board officials said they want to make sure the names are gender neutral, unlike neighboring schools and are not offensive in any way.

Officials say the mascot/color combination will be revealed on March 23rd at 2:15 p.m. at Thomas Jefferson Middle School.