New Mizzou Slogan Unites State as One

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COLUMBIA - The Mizzou Atheletic Department has a new theme, a new tag, a new definition.

"We had been working on this since December and felt like it was time to replace 'Unleashed'. We wanted to find something new," said Emily Janssen, Missouri's Marketing Director.

After months of brain storming, they came up with one mizzou this past March. Logos already created and a t-shirt designed, the Mizzou Athletic Department was still deciding when to release the new theme...then nature took its course and decided for them.

"The Joplin incident was as opportunity to put everything into perspective, to give back and to come together as a state," Missouri Softball Cach Ehren Earleywine said.

The athletic department and the univerisity then came together and wrote: One State. One Spirit. One Mizzou and printed t-shirts to help with Joplin relief. As of today the university has sold over more than 19,500 shirts totaling up to $200,000 in donations to United Way for Joplin."

Southwest Missouri native Nicole Hudson played her high school softball at Webb City. She's now a fixture in the middle of the Mizzou softball lineup.

"All the money that's been raised," said Hudson, "it's great to know that many people are thinking of us and are willing to help."

The storm destroyed a Domino's pizza shop owned by Hudson's dad.

"I just got to see it for the first time, it's shocking being in your own town without landmarks, not knowing where you are," Hudson said. "Being able to go to don't understand until you see it in person."

An experience the One Mizzou campaign took on with coaches and teams sporting their One Mizzou shirts.

"The entire point of the t-shirts is not just about raising funds," said Janssen, "it's about raising awareness, I feel like seeing these shirts create the message that we're willing to do whatever it takes to help these people that lost everything."

"Just to see that level of commitment from this university for a town that's four hours away is amazing," said Hudson."The one state really represented well."

Janssen said, "It means more than just athletics and competitiveness. We feel it really represents our department well at thie time with the programs being so close. "

"I don't know if that's normal," said Coach Earleywine. "No school I've ever coached at has gone out of their way to help other programs, people here cultivate relationships " '

The shelf life of a Mizzou slogan usually lasts up to three years, but marketing thinks this particular slogan has the potential to last much longer. One Mizzou is the slogan not only for the Athletic Departnment, but the entire university as well.