New MU School of Medicine Coming to Springfield

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COLUMBIA -  Supporters of the new Springfield campus for the University of Missouri medical school met Friday afternoon to discuss how the additional school will positively impact the state's economy.

The supporters said the plan to improve health in Missouri by expanding medical education would add more than $390 million dollars annually to Missouri's economy. They also said 3,500 new jobs will be created. 

"I think it's a great idea. We as a med school have grown and we've gotten more competitive classes which means that people that weren't getting into the med school before, but would have made great doctors, will have that ability," said Jeff Milles, class of 2013 medical school president.

Milles said he thinks the additional school will help the state as a whole.

"One issue is that as the population of Missouri grows we've had less and less access to care, and so by having more medical students and putting more physicians in Missouri, that means more access which is good for everybody."

Linda Headrick, Senior Associate Dean for Education at the MU medical school, said that currently, the school accepts 96 students a year. She said, with the additional school, 128 students total would be accepted.

Headrick said students will spend their first two years in medical school at the Columbia campus and then one third of each class will switch to the Springfield campus during their final two clinical years.