New Name, Same Growing Company

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COLUMBIA - VA Mortgage will change its sign Friday to Veterans United Home Loans. The announcement happened Thursday afternoon. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce named Veterans United Home Loans the fastest growing business last year. Nate Long, CEO of Veterans United Home Loans said he hopes the name change will bring even more success to the company. 

"We tried a few different names, but Veterans United Home Loans scored 24% better than VA Mortgage on a Google search," said Long.

Veterans United Home Loans started in 2002 with five employees, now the Columbia branch has nearly 600 employees. 

Tony Van de Riet, a loan officer , has been working at Veterans United Home Loans for about three years.  He said the growth in that time has been significant for Columbia.  "It's hard to go around Columbia and not meet someone who works here, or someone who knows someone who works here," said Van de Riet.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce attributes the company's success to the atmosphere. "VA Mortgage is unlike any other company in Columbia," said Kristi Ray, the Executive Vice President of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.  "It has a completely different atmosphere than other companies, which you need in a city."

Along with the new name, Veterans United Home Loans also started a new foundation to give back to the community.  The foundation gives back to the community as well as the military and their families.  "With the housing crisis, we are thankful to have jobs, so we feel like we need to give back to the community," said Long.  "And since Nov. 1, we raised just about $1.3 million."

The company will launch a new website and will change all of their information to the new name Nov. 15.