New National Guard Jobs

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JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Eric Greitens announced 800 new National Guard jobs, which will be in place by the end of 2019. 

Currently 12,000 Missourians are employed by the guard.

"They've helped us to keep the peace in St. Louis and when we've put out the call, our guardsmen have deployed into ice, torrential rain and strong winds to keep Missourians safe," Greitens said. 

The new jobs will a mixture of full-time and part-time positions. This expansion will have a $15 million dollar impact on Missouri, including payroll, benefits and education for guard members, Greitens said.

Of the nine battalions that are expected to be expanded, four are transportation units. 

"Transportation is an incredibly important military skill set," Grietens said.

It is critical in times of severe weather when roads need to be kept open so emergency crews can get by, Greitens said.

Other battalions affected will include military police, trial defense, maintenance company and forward engineer support. 

"These jobs can help a young man or woman define their life's mission, define their life's purpose," Greitins said. "We're going to support them and continue to grow our National Guard to provide more security and more opportunity to the people of Missouri."