New outreach unit designed to help local animals in need

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society launched a new Community Outreach Unit Friday to help animals in need throughout the city.

"We have this great opportunity to step forward to help in any way that we can," said Michelle Casey, Central Missouri Humane Society's Assistant Director.

The unit is funded by the Bissell Pet Foundation to provide food, vaccinations, and surgeries for animals around the city. Casey said there are a number of problems the unit plans to address.

"We want to address the community cat issue due to over population from not spraying or neutering both cats and dogs in the community," she said. "In addition to curbing the homeless dog population."

The team plans to target areas in the north and east parts of Columbia where there is a large population of pet owners. 

KOMU 8 News reached out to some residents living north of Columbia who agree there is a significant need.

"It's heartbreaking seeing animals around town chained up outside, not getting shelter, they're in the heat, they're in the cold," said Marita Karl, a local resident. "It's an issue that needs to be addressed."

Casey said the need in the community is ongoing and their team will continue to find other ways to address animal health.

"We're really thrilled to introduce this program to get it out into the community, and in the end, keep pets with the people that love them," Casey said.

For more information on reporting areas in need of help, contact the Community Outreach Unit's team