New Project Will Change One Sewer District from Private to Public

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Public Works Department held a public meeting Wednesday night to discuss a new project that may change East Poplar Hill Drive and South Bethel Church Road's sewer system from private to public.

Tom Wellman, engineering specialist, introduced the project to affected property owners and some residents. Wellman said the present sewer system uses small lagoons, and if they do not work well, un-treated sewage will flow over the ground downstream. The new suggested system will pipe sewage to the city treatment plant and treat sewage more properly.

About a dozen property owners showed up to the meeting. Mike Mehrdad, one of the property owners, said the plan is great for the environment and the community.  "I think with proper management the system will benefit people who live in the community," Mehrdad said.

The major concern from the property owners is the cost. Wellman said a single-family resident lot would cost about $5,000, and he would communicate with the city and try to find some ways to spread out the cost over a length of time.

If the city council approves the plan, the project will take about 12 to 18 months to finish.