New Public Sewer System Receives Positive Feedback

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Public Works Department will move forward with plans to switch to a new public sewer system on Ross and Wilson streets. These streets currently use pipes that are more than 80 years old and are the only streets in the area that have not been updated from the old private sewer system.

"The sewers are obviously in bad shape, and they're only going to get worse," said Nathan Runyan, a sanitary sewer engineer for the Public Works Department.

If the plan is approved, the city will cover the cost of the new lines. The plans will be presented at a public hearing during a city council meeting in the upcoming months.

Some residents showed concern about parking spaces located in their backyards during construction. The Public Works Department's goal is to begin construction during the upcoming summer in order to limit inconvenience to the residents in the area. 

Residents who attended an interested parties meeting Monday night were generally onboard with the plans. Although some residents could lose landscaping such as trees and shrubs during construction if the project is passed, the city would pay for any damages done to concrete and driveways.

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