New Randolph County Courthouse

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HUNTSVILLE - Three years in the making. Randolph County officials and residents came together Saturday at the grand opening of the new Randolph County Courthouse. The ceremony took place inside the brand new courthouse on 372 Highway JJ.

The project began back in April of 2014 after residents voted to build a new courthouse. Randolph County Presiding Commissioner John Truesdell lead the ceremony, which included a ribbon cutting, a plaque and a Masonic cornerstone dedication by the Grand Lodge of Missouri. The ceremony also included a performance by the Randolph County Community Choir.

“We couldn't possibly count or name all of the people that have been involved,” Truesdell said during the ceremony. “A special thanks to all of those of you that have had a hand in this, you are greatly appreciated.”

Truesdell said this is the first courthouse that is able to consolidate all of the offices of Randolph County under one roof. 

“The efficiencies of that, we anticipate, are just going to be great,” Truesdell said.

Truesdell said this will greatly benefit people who move into Randolph County because now all of the services are in the same building instead of being scattered around the county. He also said the courthouse will make it easier to deal with the people because all of the services are under one roof. 

“This courthouse has all of the new innovations and technologies," Truesdell said. "We believe that it is user friendly to all of the people." 

Truesdell said there has been a lot of work put into getting everything in its final place for the dedication. Truesdell said the courthouse was a big group effort from the elected officials to the residents of Randolph County.

After the ceremony, the public was invited to tour the courthouse and speak with the elected officials in their new offices.