New Reapportionment Map Surprises Senators

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JEFFERSON CITY - The state commission in charge of redrawing Senate boundaries crafted a new and had a hearing Thursday in the Capitol.  The biggest change would be removing the seventh district from St. Louis to Kansas City, which would bump Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-St. Louis County, from the district. 

"We (senators) got together and drew up a map that we thought would both serve Missourians.  And for them (commission's office) to completely disregard that is irresponsible," Cunningham said. 

She also said, "If I were a business owner, I would lose faith in the state legislature."

For mid-Missouri, the 19th district would consist of Boone and Cooper counties instead of Boone and Randolf. The sixth district, which is currently Callaway and Cole counties, will change to Osage, Cole, Miller, Morgan, and Gasconade counties.  Callaway county would move to the 10th district with Audrain and Montgomery. Petis, Benton, and Hickory counties will stay in the 28th district. 

KOMU 8 News was unable to get a comment from a Democratic Senator, but Cunningham said her colleagues were just as surprised. 

The Senate Apportionment Commission is looking to redraw the district's based on the 2010 census to better serve Missourians.  The current map is based of the 2000 census. 

Cunningham said she is hoping the commission members will relook the proposal.  There is another vote before this proposed map becomes official.