New Sales Tax Passes in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Twenty-five votes was all it took to pass a half cent sales tax increase on all retail purchases in downtown Columbia. The measure passed during Tuesday's special elections. The sales tax affects everyone who shops downtown.

121 people were eligible to vote on the proposition, which was the only measure on Boone County's ballot. To be eligible, voters had to be a resident of the downtown area known as "The District." Of that 121, only 40 mailed or carried in ballots to the Boone County Clerk's office. 25 voters voted for the tax and 15 voted against the tax.

KOMU 8 spoke with one downtown shopper who said he would have voted against the tax if he was given the opportunity to do so. "I'd say it's unfair to do so because they're not taking a majority of what people think in the city," said Andrew Brosman.

The sales tax will produce around $300,000 a year in revenue, all of which will go towards the Downtown Community Improvement District. The CID said it plans to use the funds toward downtown enhancement programs.