New Sales Tax Would Fund Ashland Road Improvements

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ASHLAND - The Ashland Board of Alderman passed an ordinance Tuesday night that puts a one-half of a one-percent sales tax on the August 6 ballot.

The Board said they hope to exclusively use the funds to improve roads throughout the city.

One road in the city especially in need of repair is Henry Clay Boulevard. Schools in the district sit on this road and Board members say concerns about its safety have been a hot topic.

Community member Darren Woods has lived in Ashland for many years and said the improvements are necessary.   

"Some streetes are getting really old and they need a lot of work," Woods said. "The infastructure in Ashland is getting older and in order to get it up to the standards it's very crucial we pass the tax."

The Board unanimously agreed the city's roads are in desperate need of repair and are hopeful that the specific language on the ballot will help get it passed.

The Board estimates the tax will bring in between $120,000 to $130,000 in a year. It is expected to be an ongoing tax to accomodate for the continued growth in the city.