New scooters on Lincoln University campus

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JEFFERSON CITY- Students on Lincoln University's campus can now take a "Spin" on scooters that landed on campus.

Demarco McAbee, an LU Junior, is has been enjoying the rides on the scooters. 

"I stay a couple of blocks away from campus, so I feel the scooters, for a $1 for 30 minutes. I get back and forth to campus transportation wise, it's a really good useful tool to have," McAbee said.

Spin scooters are apart of the same company that brought a bike program to Jefferson City.

Amy Schroeder, the community relations manager for Jefferson City Parks and Rec, said there are about 75 scooters being distributed daily through different points in town.

When Bird scooters came on MU's campus the University was not initially in support. Lincoln University administration has the opposite opinion.

Misty Young, Lincoln's Director of communication and marketing, said the University welcomes these devices.

"The new devices are another great way for our students to get around and be active at the same time. We already saw the popularity of the SPIN bicycles around campus. We anticipate After holiday break and when warmer weather hits, the scooters will be equally sought after," Young wrote in a statement to KOMU.

Shania Jackson, Miss Lincoln University, said the scooters help students.

"The structure of Lincoln University's campus is very hilly. Sometimes you get tired of walking up and down the hills. It will help us get to class on time, " Cook said.