New Study Finds Playing Tennis Leads to a Healthier Lifestyle

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COLUMBIA - The French Open might have just come to a close, but tennis camps aren't quite over in Columbia. 

The American Cancer Society came out with a report Wednesday which said tennis can "help people maintain a healthy body weight."

The American Cancer Society said adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise. Work, kids, and daily activities can get in the way of exercise, so the American Cancer Society said a person can shorten his or her workout down to 75 minutes each week. In the study, the American Cancer Society matched tennis as filling many components of the recommended criteria for working out.

The American Cancer Society said children should get at least an hour of exercise a day. Sasha Schmid is the Head Tennis Coach at the University of Missouri. She said she believes tennis camps are the best way for kids to get the necessary amount of daily exercise. 

"We get a lot more exercise in than the normal amount at tennis camps," Schmid said. "We get down to the courts at 9 in the morning and goes until 11:30, we'll be out here until 4:30 and then their evening activity is swimming, so these kids get a lot of exercise."

Mizzou's tennis camps is offered to kids who range from 8-17 years old.

"We get to meet different kids from all over the state, Schmid said. "And we're having a really good time."

Schmid tore her ACL playing tennis in college and she said not being able to play during that time affected her mentally as well. She said it is also a sport people can play socially for the rest of their lives, which helps create a healthy lifestyle for a longer period of time. 

"It's truly a sport for a lifetime, so we've got ten year olds out here and you hope by the time they're 60 and 70 years old they're still playing tennis," Schmid said."It's a sport you can continue to play all of your life and it's something that really gives you a well rounded workout."

Mizzou tennis camp's second session begins in July.