New Teacher Evaluation Guidelines Begin To Be Implemented

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Education encourages schools to implement its new guidelines for evaluating teachers. The guidelines were approved Monday and as school begins this week, many teachers will begin to be evaluated under new guidelines.

Schools are not required to adopt the guidelines until the 2014 school year, but Columbia schools already adhere to many of the guidelines.

"Columbia schools are in a good position to meet necessary changes," said Michelle Baumstark, Columbia Public Schools community relations coordinator.

Columbia schools won't change their teacher evaluation program until next year. Schools in Morgan County R-I and Clarksburg C-II districts were two of the hundreds of the school district that participated in the pilot program last year. Both districts are following the suggested guidelines this year. Morgan County R-I uses a combination of the state's model and the Network for Educator Effectiveness model for teacher evaluations this year.

John French, superintendent of Morgan County R-I schools, said the pilot program successfully allowed schools to communicate with the state about what evaluation methods worked.

"We were able to try things out...and do the evaluations smartly and in the best way for students," said French.

Susan McClintic is a fifth grade teacher at Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School and the president of Columbia's Missouri National Education Association. She says the evaluations will help both schools and teachers.

"I think that we will just continue to look at it...We are hoping that with our state and national association that we have a good place to start and now locally we'll see how we have to implement that," said McClintic.

The guidelines include the following seven principles:
1. Research-Based Practices
2. Differentiated Levels of Performance
3. Probationary Period for New Educators
4. Use of Measures of Student Growth in Learning
5. Ongoing, Deliberate, Meaningful and Timely Feedback
6. Standardized and Periodic Training for Evaluators
7. Evaluation Results to Inform Personnel Employment Determinations Decisions and Policy

During the 2016-2017 school year, student growth and improvement will also be taken into consideration for teacher evaluations.

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