New True False app

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COLUMBIA - On the first day for True/False visitors got a chance to use a free augmented reality app called Zappar.

“It’s sort of a walking tour of the past True/False years,” said Ebony Reed, Director of the Reynolds Journalism Institute's Futures Lab.

Users can download the Zappar app to scan codes by holding the device up to icons and then watch as a collection of photos, videos, articles and other content pops up.

“Augmented reality is better than the reality right now so I think it’s awesome,” True/False fan Richard Parrish said.

Filmgoers can spot displays with the augmented reality codes. These codes have a lightning bolt icon and are found at the film venues, box office and other areas involved in the festival.

There are 14 codes located around the festival area and each is a different color to represent the various years.  

“If you’re a person that has come before to the festival, this is an opportunity to look back on the past fourteen years,” Reed said.

The Reynolds Journalism Institute's Futures Lab built the project as a way to present content in a less traditional way than written or visual content.

“We are experimenting with how newsrooms can use augmented reality to present their content in an interactive and innovative way to readers,” said Kat Duncan, senior video editor.

The institute's Innovation in Focus will publish content in April about how the project was created and how people reacted to the augmented reality experience.