New UM Curator wants to help university move forward

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COLUMBIA - When Missouri Governor Jay Nixon asked Jon Sundvold to serve on the UM Board of Curators, Sundvold said he was already thinking of how he could help the university.

"I want to be a part of things going forward. Hiring a new president, hiring a new chancellor, building the university to the greatness its always been," Sundvold said. 

Sundvold joins Tom Voss and Mary Nelson as the newest additions to the UM Board of Curators. The UM system also appointed MU student Gene "Patrick" Graham as the student representative on the board. 

“I appreciate this immensely qualified and diverse group of leaders for stepping up at this critical time to serve this institution, its students and our state," Nixon said in a press release. 

Both Nixon and Sundvold recognize the importance of the hiring of the new curators. 

"The timing's critical because you need a full board in order to hire a president," Sundvold said. 

“It is vitally important that the University of Missouri System has the leadership it needs to continue to be an internationally-recognized model of academic excellence," Nixon said via press release.

Sundvold said he isn't dwelling too much on the events of the last school year.  

"I think the university is in a fine position. I think you go through your bumps, and you go through your lumps and they've made adjustments," Sundvold said.

Sundvold is confident the Curators will find the right leader for MU. 

"You try to find great leaders that lead places and lead people, and I think this institution will find a great president," Sundvold said.