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COLUMBIA - Dogs took a break from the heat Saturday through an ice cream social. 

Lizzi & Rocco's Natural Pet Market invited dogs and their owners to have free ice cream treats in honor of National Ice Cream Month. 

The ice cream treats were available at all three locations.

Dogs had a choice between two different ice cream flavors at the location off I-70: vanilla blueberry or peanut butter banana. The store even had an assortment of toppings to put on top: sunflower seeds, craisins, unsweetened coconut and banana chips.  

Lizzi & Rocco's "treat lady", as Frankie Russick likes to call herself, said most dogs couldn't wait to eat their tasty treat.

"There was one that loved his ice cream so much that he went and stole his brother's ice cream and tried to take another dogs' too," Russick said. "I think that dog is my favorite dog because I think that dog is me in dog form." 

However, there were some who didn't have the same craving. 

"Some of the dogs were not super crazy about it, but most of them liked it one way or another," Russick said. "Some of the pieces were kind of big. I found it helped to make it smaller and a little more easy for them to just kind of eat up instead of licking it." 

Here's some quick homemade ice cream recipes for dogs:

1. Banana and peanut butter ice cream

· 3-4 ripe bananas
· 1 cup of peanut butter
· 32 ounces of plain yogurt 


Blend the bananas, peanut butter and yogurt in a blender until it's mixed. Then pour the mixture into ice trays or cupcake trays. Put the trays in the freezer for a few hours and then serve. 

2. Vanilla blueberry ice cream

· 2 frozen bananas

· 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries


Blend the frozen bananas and blueberries in a blender until creamy and then serve.