New Virtual Program To Help DWI Offenders in Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY - A new program in Jefferson City is offering virtual counseling to DWI offenders. The new program comes after Jefferson City officials thought it could help with correcting the DWI system.

The virtual program is run by Preffered Family Healthcare and offers individual and group counseling sessions. The program costs $375 and consists of twelve sessions over a 10 to 12 week period. The program is offered to offenders after their first offense to get them  back on track financially and mentally and it's aimed at preventing them from becoming repeat offenders.

The program focuses on alcohol use after the first offense which differs from the original plan in Jefferson City. Because of budget restrictions, counseling and guidance was only offered to those with three DWI offenses, which equates to a felony.

Group sessions include examining driving privileges and the responsibilities associated with having a license, discussing the financial impact their offense has on them personally, and discussing techniques to think out of re-offending.

18 people are participating in the program in Jefferson City since its launch last month. Jefferson City is the first city to use the full program in the country.

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