New Westminster stadium

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FULTON - Westminster College is looking forward to a new $4 million football stadium.  

Vice President of Campus Operations Dan Haslag said the new stadium is going to be gift for the entire community.   

"It's certainly going to be a facility we're all going to be proud of, faculty staff, alums, students, our community here in Fulton," he said. 

Head football coach John Welty said he loves the old grass field, but an upgrade is needed for the school to stay competitive. 

"We have to keep up with the times," Welty said. "The majority of the student athletes we've been recruiting have been playing on artificial surfaces, coming off nicer stadiums. So in order for us to be able to compete for the higher echelon kids, we had to make some overall improvements."

Haslag said the new field will have an immediate impact on the Westminster community.

"It's going to be a transformational gift for the campus because that's really the first facility most folks see when they come towards the campus," Haslag said. "It's really going to be a boost of pride, it's going to give a top-rate facility for our athletes to use so everyone is excited and looking forward to it."

Welty said the new field send a strong signal of the school's commitment to their students.

"People all over the country are going to look at our facilities here and realize that we're here to stay and we're really committed to doing the right thing for our student athletes and for our students," Welty said.

Scott Wilson is the president of SM Wilson, the construction company building the new stadium. He's also a Westminster alum, something both Haslag and Welty said they take comfort in.

"It's a wonderful way, like many alums,that there's an opportunity to give back to the college in a very impactful way," Haslag said.

"It's great because there's a sense of pride there," Welty said. 

According to Haslag, construction of the actual field itself will be finished in time for training camp in August.