New women\'s center in Jefferson City aims to help the community

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JEFFERSON CITY – Women in Jefferson City now have a new resource to lend a helping hand.

Lincoln University had a ribbon cutting on Friday to celebrate its new Women’s Resource Center. The center will offer programs to encourage academic achievement through programs and services. The center is housed at the university at B-11 Young Hall and has been open since July.

Tammy Nobles, director of the center, said she is optimistic of how the center will help the community.

"I feel privileged and honored, but also I am excited because we basically get to shape our future."

Nobles said she wants to help women in the community in anyway they need. The center offers a number of programs: civic engagement and advocacy, peer mentoring, career development, student support, leadership development, inclusiveness, health and wellness, financial strategies, personal and social empowerment and family and relationship development.

“We have an extensive student staff, and everyone has a specialized place,” she said. “We try to match them with what they want to do in the career or what their undergrad degree is, and we try to match them with our goals and programming. So it just helps serve them, as well them serving other young women.”

Nobles said the center has started to help the Jefferson City community through other programs.

“We have done different volunteer opportunities. We’ve even helped through the Missouri Food Bank. We’re serving the Girls Scouts. With the Boone County Health Department, they will host their programming for ‘Moms Who Work’ in our center as well,” she said. 

The center works with other organizations on campus. Nobles said it works with the Small Business and Technology Development Center with helping the community with entrepreneurship.

“We actually sponsored and highlighted three of our former students and one current student who are in the business of creating their business while in college,” she said.

She said the center offers support in a number of ways to women. It is equipped with a lactation room, relaxation station, and other services.

The female-run center also holds a number of social awareness campaigns. In October the center will hold information session for breast cancer and domestic violence.

“I want them to know that this is a safe space, where not just women can come, but also men. We service not just our students, but even if people in the community need to come for resources,” Nobles said. “They can just come and feel a part of Lincoln University as a whole within the Jefferson City community.”