New Year's Day festival draws large crowd

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COLUMBIA - The first year of Columbia's New Year's Festival drew a large crowd Sunday. The five hour event took the place of Columbia Eve Fest. Performers entertained and a photo booth captured memories at United Methodist Church in downtown Columbia.

Members of the community came together for refreshments provided by Lucky's, Natural Grocers, Gerbes, Mosers, Sam's Club, Harold's Doughnuts and Ford Restaurant Supply.

Performances included: Bunraku Bay Puppet Theater- Traditional Japanese pupperty, Calvin Street Band and West African dancing.

Folk Singer, Lee Ruth, said he has been in and out of Columbia since 1962, living in town and in the country. He said it was an opportunity to play at a community event, a community he feels like he's apart of.

"I just try to stay connected," Ruth said. "It's a celebration day as much as anything else."