New York man cycles across America, spends time in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A man biking from New York to Los Angeles made a stop in Columbia to volunteer his time.

Courtney Bibb plans to stop in 20 different cities on his six-month trek that began on October 1. He will spend three days volunteering for a charity in each of those cities.

"I just decided to basically see my country and give back in the best way I can during this holiday season," Bibbs said.

The recent race issues, and what he sees as police brutality issues, sparked this desire within. He wanted to see the country for himself, to make his own judgement. Bibbs said he wanted, "to see an honest assessment of his own country and give back."

While in Columbia, Bibbs volunteered for OATS, and adult transportation system. He said they didn't have many volunteer opportunities, so he took to his bike and rode around town to promote the organization and obtain donations.

Bibb's has his own tumblr page that helps viewers visualize his journey and links them to his donation page.

Bibb wants to raise $20,000 throughout his trek. If that happens, he plans to donate $1,000 to each of the 20 charities he supported throughout his trip.

Bibbs funds everything else: hotels, food, shipping of clothes, etc.

This desire to give back is something instinctual. "I feel better, happier, making other people happier," Bibbs said. He said it was just how he was raised.

He found most of the charities he volunteers at on

His next stop is in Kansas City. He hopes to get to Los Angeles by mid-March.