New York Philharmonic accepts KC Symphony\'s World Series bet

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KANSAS CITY - The New York Philharmonic accepted a World Series challenge from The Kansas City Symphony Wednesday.

Kansas City Symphony Music Director Michael Stern said in a video to the New York Philharmonic that if the Kansas City Royals lose, it will send everyone in the Philharmonic's orchestra an authentic Kansas City barbecue lunch. (Watch video below.)

"I also promise at the very next subscription concert where I am present to don a Mets jersey," Stern said. "And as an encore to that program to play from Bernstein's On the Town, New York, New York."

Stern said if the Royals win the World Series, he wants New York's director, Alan Gilbert, to wear a Kansas City Royals jersey at his next concert.

"At his next concert in New York they will play, as an encore, Everything is Up To Date in Kansas City," Stern said. "And we expect lunch for everyone in the orchestra, New York's finest bagels, cream cheese and lox."

The executive director of The Kansas City Symphony, Frank Byrne, said the New York Philharmonic director, Alan Gilbert accepted the challenge in a personal video.

"They didn't have the entire orchestra, they didn't have their chorus," Byrne said. "I'm going to have to say our video is so much better."

But in the acceptance video, Gilbert added one extra detail.

"He had to negotiate a little bit with us and ask that Michael stern also wear a Mets cap," Byrne said.

Stern said he is loyal to Kansas City, but he was born and bred in New York.

"I hold that deep in my DNA," Stern said. "And I will even confess, among friends, that I was, and might at some point in the future again be a Mets fan. But lest anyone doubt my allegiance, home is where the heart is and we have heart in Kansas City."