Newly Commissioned Army Officer has Family Ties to Memorial Day

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COLUMBIA - A newly commissioned Army officer remembered her grandfather and other service men and women on Memorial Day.

Annie Currid's family has a long history of American military service. 

Both of Currid's parents served in the Army, and her parents' fathers served before them. Currid also has an aunt, an uncle and two cousins who wore the uniform of military servicemen. 

"It's kind of a tradition now, I guess," said Currid, a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.


**photos credit: Katie Currid**

Currid spent four years in the University of Missouri Reserve Officer's Training Corp program, or ROTC, and was commissioned with six other class members May 18.

"I didn't decide to do ROTC until the middle of my senior year [of high school]," Currid said. "A lot of my family has been in the military and my parents went through ROTC."

Currid's grandfather, who was an airman in the United States Air Force, died July 24, 2013 after a 12 year battle with Alzheimer's. 

"I think of him today, and I thought about him at our commissioning," said Currid. "Even with Alzheimer's he could always remember the military stuff and his time in Korea."

**photos credit: Katie Currid**

Currid carried the flag that covered her grandfather's casket and delivered it to her grandmother, a symbolic act given to every deceased veteran. 

As she sat in her home, Currid said people deserve to celebrate Memorial Day, but they should take time to thank the men and women who gave their service for their country. 

"People do shout outs to me, but I haven't done anything," Currid said. "I think of the people who have actually served time and done something. That makes me strive to succeed, when I think of all those people."

Currid will report to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, in August for her first assignment.