Newly offered program helps EMS learn about unresponsive patients

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Fire Department, MU Health and Boone Hospital have teamed up to offer Columbia residents the File of Life program. 

It is an initiative that helps medical personnel, like paramedics, when they respond to medical emergencies with unresponsive patients.

The program uses clear, plastic, magnetized envelopes to store pertinent medical information on refrigerator doors.

The packet allow people to put their medical history, list their prescriptions, allergies, any emergency contact.

Assistant Fire Chief Brad Fraizer said it is not geared towards a certain demographic.

"You never know what could happen, this could save someone's life and we think it is important for the community," Fraizer said. 

The files are important in the case that a person is unresponsive or unable to communicate with medical responders. 

The program is free to the community, and packets can be picked up from any Columbia Fire Department station or the headquarter building.

For anyone who would like a packet and are unable to pick one up, the Columbia Fire Department will bring one to their home.

One Columbia resident, Raena Sword, said she believes the program could help people like her brother.

"My brother is severely allergic to Amoxicillin. Initiatives like this could be helpful if my parents weren't there to answer any questions," Sword said.