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COLUMBIA - Today on KOMU 8 News @ Noon, Emily interviewed a lot of interesting people with interesting stories. 

Tim McGrath was in Aurora, Colorado at the time of the movie theater shooting. He was there on location filming for a movie. If you want to check out the movie he's working on, click here.  

Tim wrote about the shooting on his blog. He was in the next theater over. He said," I wrote this for my family and close friends, but so many people have reached out I decided to share it with everyone. I'm learning the shooting really did affect a nation, not just those of us directly involved and our loved ones. My goal is that by sharing one story of what went on in the theatre and living with it since then, it will help everyone be able to process and better work through this incident. Hopefully for the better." If you want to read Tim's blog post, click here

Emily also interviewed  Jeff Heeley who talked about Olympic cell phone apps to keep up with the games. He demonstrated them on a tablet.

B.J. Davis was in our studio talking about the No Limits Tour for the Littlest Tumor Foundation on August 10, 2012. The doors open at 7:00 and the fun goes from 7:30-11:45 at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Jefferson City. Activities include a concert, mid-Missouri's sexiest bald guy contest finals, and a special DJ dance and after party. Due to limited seating, access passes are required and available here. For more information, call 573-338-2240.

And in our video virus today, of all the spots this dog could choose to sit down in his lounge room, he had to choose the one that was already occupied. Check it out here