Newtown Family Reacts to School Shooting

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As a reporter for KOMU News as soon as I heard about the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, I immediately thought of my family in the area. My uncle was raised in the area and his parents live less than two miles from Sandy Hook Elementary School. I spoke with Bruce Judd, my uncle's stepfather this afternoon to get his reaction to the horrific events in Newtown.

"My wife Stacy was driving to help an elderly friend go shopping and on the other side of the road she saw police cars and ambulances zooming by. She called me five or six times and was asking me what's going on. I had no idea but when she arrived she turned on the news and heard the horrifying news" said Judd.

Judd continued, "It's a small town. Everybody knows everybody. My wife and I take dance classes at (Sandy Hook) the school. It's horrifying to see these people on the television in such grief."