Nixon agrees with DOJ investigation of Ferguson police

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JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Jay Nixon talked about Ferguson and an upcoming veto session during a news conference Thursday.

Nixon said he approves of the Department of Justice's investigation of the Ferguson Police Department.

"Anything that sheds more lights on ways in which we can make positive constructive progress in Missouri is something that everybody would be in favor of," Nixon said.

He also noted the challenges of consolidation with many of the state's programs.

"At the exact same time you are cutting revenue and then trying to expand government...people get that you can't do that," Nixon said.

The state has cut about 5,000 jobs since he was sworn in as governor in January 2009, he said.

In a phone call with KOMU 8 News, Republican Rep. Casey Guernsey said in 2013 Nixon was overridden more times in a year than any previous governor since the two-thirds majority rule was implemented.

"As a result he (Nixon) more or less vetoed every bill we passed including line items in the budget and budget bills, which is ridiculously political, but it is a reality of what we have to deal with," Guernsey said.

As a chairman of the Missouri Agriculture committee, Guernsey expressed concern on Nixon's veto of the Dairy Revitalization Act, a bill Guernsey wrote and sponsored.

"Once we lose our infrastructure, we will never see dairy as an the industry in state," Guernsey said. "The agriculture community was completely baffled by the governor's veto of that legislation."

The Dairy Revitalization Act needs 109 votes or two-thirds of the Missouri House to override Nixon's veto. 

The upcoming veto session is scheduled to start on Wednesday, Sept. 10.