Nixon Announces $400,000 for Day Care

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JEFFERSON CITY- Governor Jay Nixon spoke at Jefferson City Day Care Center Tuesday afternoon to announce $400,000 in funding for the program's renovations through the Missouri Start Smart initiative.

 The Missouri Start Smart initiative is to improve quality early childhood education to children from low or moderate income families. It plans to award $10 million in grants and tax credits to assist in funding.

Earlier this year, the legislature approved Nixon's proposed increase in funding for Early Head Start and the Missouri preschool program of $7 million for the Fiscal Year 2014 budget. He said increasing funding in early programs will highly benefit kids in their later education.

"Demanding but supportive pre-school programs that provide learning and love, you see a much different outcome for those kids. You see a much quicker take up of the socialization part of school, of the learning part of school, the organizational part of school," Nixon said.

Jefferson City Day Care Executive Director Donna Scheidt said the center will also dedicate $100,000 for the renovation costs, making this project half a million dollars. She said it plans on renovating as much of the center as possible.

Nixon said there will be a total of 10 programs for these grants. He said the next seven will be announced during the next couple of weeks.