Nixon congratulates Randolph County on receiving certificate

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MOBERLY - Gov. Jay Nixon announced Tuesday Randolph County has become the 34th county to be a Certified Work Ready Community.

Nixon said the Certified Work Ready initiative is designed to match job skills to community needs.

“The Certified Workforce Ready initiative will help communities like Randolph County attract and train the skilled workers needed to meet the demands of our growing economy. I congratulate the local economic development and education leaders here in Randolph County on earning this important designation," Nixon said.

Moberly Fire Department Cptn. Robert Hardy said he can't wait to see what the future brings to Randolph County.

"What a great honor it is for Moberly to receive this prestigious award. It will be a great asset for job creation in the future, and economic impact to the citizens of Moberly and Randolph County will be great," he said.

Hardy said many jobs were lost over seas, and the certificate will be a great tool to bring jobs back to Moberly.

"I think this initiative will give the law enforcement community and fire department community reasons to stay here. Job growth creates jobs, and more factories, more initiatives, more growth that comes to Moberly will not only help the economy but it will help our fire and police departments," he said.

Nixon said being a police officer is a difficult job, and is challenging to find the right person.

"I think the biggest challenge is making sure that we get people who are willing to commit their lives to that tough job, to be on that thin blue line for all of us," said Nixon.

There are currently 78 actively participating counties in the Certified Work Ready Community initiative.