Nixon Hosts Primary Watch Party In Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD - Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster spoke to a crowd of about 200 people in the Grand Ballroom of the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield Tuesday night.

Nixon spoke of the challenges that he has faced throughout his first four years in office.

"In 2008, we got hit with a national recession the likes of which most of us have never seen. To then be followed by unspeakable natural disasters the likes of which we hope to never see again. Yeah, the challenges have been tough. But the people of Missouri have been tougher," said Nixon.

"But we can't stop now," said Nixon throughout his speech.

Nixon also said the fact the watch party was being held in Springfield, a traditionally Republican corner of the state, signified that both parties can find common ground.

"I look forward to an open and honest exchange of ideas this fall with whoever the nominee on the other side may be," said Nixon, a statement that was met with laughs from the crowd.

Attorney General Chris Koster accepted the Democratic party's nomination at the event. He spoke in favor of Governor Nixon's past leadership.

"Our Governor hunts deer in the fall, turkeys in the spring, jay hawks year-round, and apologizes to no one," said Koster.

The party began to wrap up well before the primary election results were finalized.

"This was more of a 'watch Jay Nixon' party than a 'watch the primaries' party," one party-goer told KOMU-8.

Nixon became the 55th Governor of Missouri after defeating U.S. Representative Kenny Hulshof in 2008. Governor Nixon served as Attorney General for the state of Missouri from 1993-2009. He will face businessman Dave Spence in the November election.