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MEXICO - Governor Nixon visited Zenith Aircraft Company Tuesday to pump his plan to boost Missouri exports.

The Governor is urging the legislature to pass his Made in Missouri Jobs Package during the special session next month.  His goal -- to create tax-breaks for certain businesses.

Governor Nixon stressed the importance of Missouri's involvement in the global market.

"We have to be world citizens, it's not the same world as when I was a kid in southern Missouri, it's just not and we're going to have to compete and trade world wide, and we have a great base to build on in the state of Missouri," said Gov. Nixon.

While the Governor is calling the package "bi-partisan", some lawmakers are still trying to find a compromise for the plan that would work in the Senate. In a work session Tuesday, lawmakers did not indicate to the press that there was any compromise.

Zenith is an independent, privately-owned company that designs, develops and manafacturers make-your-own aircraft kits. More than 30-percent of Zenith's sales come from exports.

The state's internal exports are up by 13-percent through the first two quarters of 2011. In 2010, international exports increased by 35-percent.

The special session is set to begin on September 6. Another export-related topic is the China Hub plan, a proposed $360 million tax credit to make St. Louis a freight hub between China and the Midwest.