Nixon Reacts

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JEFFERSON CITY-  A busy day at the Capitol signified the end of this year's annual legislative session. Not every piece of legislation made it through the session as hoped, but Governor Jay Nixon was pretty optimistic about the session overall. He said both parties, "made a lot of progress this year."

At a press conference, Nixon outlined what he had wanted to accomplish this session. He said back in January his goals included fighting for jobs and balancing the budget, all while working together across party lines. He said the General Assembly stuck with these objectives and showed great results. Overall, Nixon said the state is seeing a trend of continued growth.

Unfortunately while the goals were mostly met, some important pieces of legislation didn't make the deadline. Nixon did address using special sessions on some of the stalled legislation, but he said they need to come to a general consensus first. He also highlighted some of the challenges they met this session- among those being heavy flooding down south- which he said added to the budget gap the state has right now.