Nixon Signs, Vetos Final Legislation

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JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Jay Nixon addressed 12 bills Friday to end the legislative session.

Nixon signed nine bills and vetoed three others.

Nixon passed one bill to advocate gun safety education for first-graders.

The legislation suggests, but does not require, schools to teach the National Rifle Agency's Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.

According to The Associated Press, the NRA says more than 26 million children have completed the program since it began in 1988.

Nixon vetoed a bill that would have changed the process of filling vacancies in the Lieutenant Governor's office.

Currently, the governor is responsible for appointing people to fill vacant positions.

The bill proposed an election process during the next general election, and in the meantime, the former official's top aide would take his place.

Nixon thought that process would have been too confusing.

He also signed legislation allowing the state to intervene more quickly when school districts fail the state's accreditation.

Districts will have two years to regain academic standards before state officials can take action.