Nixon Wants Fedearal Stimulus Dollars to Stay

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Nixon held a news conference on April 1 to promote the urgency of education and unemployment issues.

Recently, House Bill 15 has been causing a stir in the Missouri Senate. If action is not taken soon, Missouri public schools could lose $190 million in federal stimulus money in 2011 and 2012.

Nixon urged the senate to get a piece of legislation on his desk immediately. If not, Columbia Public Schools would lose $2.9 million, Jefferson City would lose just under one million and Fulton could see a $500,000 loss.

Since the state Senate turned down a bill that would give Missouri $105 million in stimulus funds for unemployment programs, benefits for the unemployed end on April 2. This will cause 10,000 Missourians to lose unemployment benefits altogether and 24,000 to lose extended benefits.

Nixon said the problems are "very real" and "very solvable."