No Call List for Cell Phone users

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JEFFERSON CITY - Cell phone numbers are not currently on the no-call list for telemarketers in Missouri but after a unanimous Senate vote during this legislative session, it is on its way to Governor Jay Nixon's desk.

The new bill approved by the Missouri House and Senate, Bill HB1549, would allow cell phone users to block unwanted calls from telemarketers. This measure would ban most solicitation including phone calls, text messages, faxes and data communications if a user puts his or her phone number on the list.

In seems likely that Governor Nixon will approve this legislation after his office sent KOMU 8 a statement on Wednesday:

"I appreciate Attorney General Koster carrying on this important area of protecting Missouri consumers, which we began more than a decade ago, and I look forward to my office reviewing the bill thoroughly when it reaches my desk," Nixon said in a news release.

The Attorney's General Chris Koster says that for the last three years, his office has received a number of complaints from Missourians about telemarketers calling their cell phones. The office has reported getting 150 to 200 calls a week with complaints about telemarketing calls to cell phones or seeking ways to add a number to the list.

"Millions of Missourians want their cell phones protected. They don't want unwanted telemarketing calls hitting their cell phones. They have to pay for those calls themselves," Koster said.

He says there were two concerns when this bill was proposed.

"Cell phone company were concerned about seeing a reduction in revenue and I think that telemarketers were fighting back on this. But ultimately in was the voice of tens of thousands if not millions of Missourians who want this kind of protection," Koster said.

The bill specifies the No Call List would not include telephone numbers primarily used for business or commercial purposes. The state's current No Call List applies to landline phones only and consists of more than 1.8 million registered phone numbers.