No construction delays on Scott Boulevard

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COLUMBIA - Weather and construction congested Scott Boulevard this past week. Many Columbia residents said they were worried about the delays that came out because of the weather and road closures. 

The project started in March 2014 and is divided into three phases. According to Columbia Public Works officials, phase two is expected to end sometime next week. The project is focusing on features like raising the road nine feet above the flood plain and adding more bike lanes. 

Columbia Public Works Steven Sapp said the rain did not affect the condition of the road and the work that has been done on it already. 

"We took our engineers out and looked at high water marks to look at some calculations," said Sapp. "Those engineers determined the creek needed to rise 15 more feet before we would have gotten water over Scott Boulevard."

The third phase of the project is estimated to begin late 2015 or 2016.