No Criminal Charges Yet against Alleged Animal Abuser

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VIENNA - The owner of forty allegedly neglected and abused animals found Sept. 27 north of Vienna appeared in the Maries County Courthouse Tuesday morning for an animal disposition hearing.  The judge ruled that the prosecutors would not file criminal charges against George Davis--for now.  

A total of forty animals, including dogs, rabbits, horses and goats were rescued from the farm property in the 34400 block of Highway 63, just north of Vienna.  According to the Humane Society of Missouri, many of the animals were severely underweight and had little access to food and fresh water.  The group said the water that was available to the dogs was contaminated with urine and feces.  There was a deceased horse and multiple other animal carcasses also found on the property.  

In Davis' defense, neighbors said he is a good man and would never harm anything.  

Neighbor Aotto Williams said, "When the drought was really bad, I contacted the Department of Agriculture about getting assistance for hay and forage and for food and stuff for the livestock, and they said there was no money available, and that they were broke."

The animals are now in custody of the Humane Society of Missouri.  The rescued animals are recovering and the group said it hopes they will be available for adoption soon.