No Public Storm Shelters for Columbia Mobile Home Residents

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COLUMBIA - Wednesday night's tornado warning sent many families to their basements to take cover, but residents who live in mobile homes don't have that option.

In Columbia, there are no public tornado shelters and the city doesn't require mobile home communities to provide one.

Casey Kasner is a resident of a mobile home community in Columbia. She has three children under the age of five. For Kasner, not having a shelter "makes a parent feel like they can't protect their children," Kasner said.

If you live in a mobile home and there's a tornado warning, the city recommends leaving your home and taking shelter in a building with a strong structure, and if that's not possible to lay down in a nearby ditch.

Here are a few tips the City of Columbia gives to best prepare for an impending storm:

  • Know the difference between a watch and a warning- a tornado watch means a tornado is possible in your area; a tornado warning means a tornado has been sighted and could be headed for your area.
  • Have a plan and know where you can go in case of a storm. 

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