No Timeframe For Reopening Tara Apartment Decks

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COLUMBIA - Last month, University of Missouri's Department of Residential Life alerted tenants at Tara Apartments that their decks may not be up to code.

As a result, the university asked all tenants to remove their things from the decks and to refrain from the decks until the university decides what to do next.

Nearly three weeks later, no decisions have been made.

MU spokesperson, Christian Basi, told KOMU 8 News although the university is still having discussions about the future of Tara Apartments, no clear timetable has been set for potential repairs.

Tara Apartment resident, Tobe Ukah, says his frustrations mainly come from the uncertainty surrounding the situation.

"If you are telling me you don't have a specific time frame, that would be very frustrating," he said. "One thing I know is that people here value their time."

Ukah said tenants would be willing to cooperate once the university clarifies the situation.

"If you tell them exactly the time, even if it is three months, then okay," he said. "They will get used to the three months."

Tara Apartments' decks have been closed since March 21.